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 Well...this is intimidating, LOL.  First off, let me start off by saying WELCOME!  I'm so humbled that you have taken the time to check out my page!  Pinch me please :)  My name is Megan DeVorss, in a few very short descriptions I'm a wife, a nurse, a mom, and an entrepreneur.

I grew up in a small rural town in north Missouri where I married my husband, Joseph over 11 years ago.  We were and still are high school sweethearts, I attribute so much of my success to his unwavering support over the years.  Together, we have 3 beautiful babies.  Paisley, our 10 year old independent, sassy red head.  Lane, our 8 year old LIVELY boy, who loves anything hunting or fishing related! Then there's Nash, age 2, he's the baby, he loves his momma and keeps us laughing amongst the chaos!

I have my Bachelors degree in nursing and have worked in almost every specialty in the industry over the years!  A few years ago, I decided that my life wasn't quite chaotic enough and added a social media based business into the mix!  WHY you might ask?  I ask myself that regularly, but I fell in love with the women and the mission of the company.  I have a passion for inspiring and empowering other women, and I strongly believe that together we can lock arms to inspire change!

Sharing my life and being vulnerable to an audience is such a big step for me, I'm an introvert...a homebody as my husband likes to say, but here we are!!  I want the best for you and I hope by being here that I can provide some value to you and your life. 

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